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Insulin Pump user

Postby angelabresl;in » Mon Jun 14, 2010 7:57 pm


Im planning on a 3 week trip to asia ( !!) Ive been away before loads etc, but am always worried about bringing my medication. I have to bring lots of stuff. I always bring FAR too much in case of emmergencies etc. I was just wondering if anyone has travelled with an insulin pump before ? and experiences. Its just nerves but id love to ship over supplies half way through my journey ...anyone done this ?

Thanks 8)
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Re: Insulin Pump user

Postby michelle87 » Wed Jun 16, 2010 8:25 pm


I'm also an insulin pump user and am going to Costa Rica for 10 days - I agree, I always overpack, but I don't know if its a good idea to depend on a shipment to arrive on time in Asia :S

My concern is always insulin going warm more than the number of supplies to carry - do you usually use a Frio? I was going to take one Frio with insulin in it in my carry on, and one frio with insulin packed in my luggage just in case. I'm also taking a loaner pump from Animas with me in case I have pump issues (but will also take an insulin pen with a couple fresh pen cartridges just in case). I have a lot of friends who do a lot of adventure travel and their rule of thumb is always pack 2-3 times the number of supplies you would normally need.

Also, when travelling I always split supplies between my carry-on and my checked luggage - really, to put a few cartridges and infusion sets in a ziploc doesn't take up that much room (unless each infusion set has an automatic inserter - mine don't, so they are pretty compact - but I can see if you use an infusion set with the large plastic inserter on each one, they may take up a fair bit of space). Oh and I always take multiple glucometers as well.

Extra infusion sets to me are more important than extra cartridges because in a pinch you can put the needle back on the cartridge and refill it (or at least with the Animas cartridge you can).

You probably knew all this and I doubt it provided much of a solution for you, but those are all the tidbits I can think of for the moment!
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