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Re: Towels

Postby Coralie » Sun Jan 24, 2010 3:47 am

For my last 12 trips now, I have forgone the towel (weather a traditional or quick dry mini), and have traveled with a sarong (and I mean the cheap, bought on the side of the beach kinda sarong). I don't have a single complaint about traveling this way, and some of my previous travel buddies are now converted to doing the same. Here is my rational:

1- Compact: once folded, it is as small as the quick drying minis
2- Quick drying: In most situations, it will be dry in a question of 5 to 10 minutes, and the few times I had to pack it wet/damp, it was dry on arrival to destination without any of the bad odors [I do always travel with a few humidity absorbers (the type that come in the box with new shoes, or in certain medication containers) in my bag]
3- Versatile: at night time, it converts into an extra blanket or pillow, during the day, a skirt, shawl or sarong for the beach (after all that is it's intended purpose
4- Low maintenance: when dirty, it is supper easy to clean (and fast drying afterward), and if lost/misplaced/stolen/donated is easy and cheap to replace (however, I have had the same for at lest 8 years)

hope this helps
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