safety while travelling

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safety while travelling

Postby marwin24 » Thu Aug 27, 2009 1:17 pm

plz think on that
Leave your valuable at home because criminals are less likely to target you if you are not flashing around expensive jewelry or electronics. Any items that are not needful for your travel should be left at home.
Avoid wandering around at night. There are just too many shadows and dark places for criminals to be careful.
Skip the alcohol while traveling alone is not the time to have party time. Alcohol effect ur judgment and makes you an easier target. so don't drink alcohal it send u in diffcuilt stage.
Keep your information to yourself.Don't share ur personel life that you are traveling alone with strangers. Many times these conversations are just a way of gauging the ease of a potential target.
Have a plan.Know where you are going and how to get there. Wandering around with a map in your hand is a sure way of marking yourself as a target to any bad guys that are watching.
Don't take hard cash.Only carry the amount of cash that you need for that day.Leave your other cash locked in a hotel safe or only take ATMs card only debit card not credit card what you need as you go.
Cheap flights and cheap hotels have made putting together travel packages in budget.Traveling alone is not always the best way to travel but also rule kept on ur mind basic guidelines can help make the travel sucessful.
you have more views than plz share it.
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