Worth the price? Archaeological Wonders of Egypt & Jordan

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Worth the price? Archaeological Wonders of Egypt & Jordan

Postby cate_lee » Thu Jun 13, 2013 8:57 pm

I was wondering if anybody's gone on this trip (DPAWD) and in your opinion is it worth the price?

I understand why it's so pricey, with so many included internal flights. And having been on trips where it was 6-8 hours+ on a minibus day after day just to get from one place to another I can certainly appreciate getting some place quick. And the flight to Abu Simbel would definitely be preferable than a 4am 3hour bus ride to get there.

But is it worth paying twice the amount of DPJA - Egypt & Jordan Adventure for what amount to a very similar itinerary?

Also, by going "comfort" would I be missing out on some of the more authentic part of the trip? I'm sure an overnight sleeper train and overnight on a felucca are cool experiences. (Which I woudn't get with DPAWD.)

Thoughts, opinions much appreciated. :)
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Re: Worth the price? Archaeological Wonders of Egypt & Jorda

Postby chaokou » Sat Jun 22, 2013 10:01 pm

Hi Cate!
We are coming back from Egypt (did the Absolute Egypt tour). I just posted my comments under the post ''Middle East Travel'' if you want to look at it. About the day and night on the felucca, it was quite an experience! I would even say it was a highlight of our trip. To feel fresh air from the Nile and even swim in the Nile! Moreover, it's really confortable. The night in the sleeper train was also really nice: it's like being cradled all night. Before departing from Canada, my sister's who was dreaming for Egypt since she's about 10, couldn't see her trip without Abu Simbel. We visited it, it was nice, it's really impressive that they move this temple, but not necessarily a highlight of our trip.
Enjoy your trip!
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