Avoid buying any leather items in Morocco!!

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Avoid buying any leather items in Morocco!!

Postby dmitri1999 » Fri May 17, 2013 11:22 pm

You probably will be tempted to buy some purses,wallets or bags in morocco,but please avoid doing so. That camel bag you will buy for $60-300 will be thrown in the garbage

The Vegetable/URINE tanning process they use(all of them!!) leaves a horrible smell on all leather items that you will not be able to get rid of it! Leaving it outside,drying sheets, soda, washing,dry cleaning techniques will not help.
Don't get scammed!

As for buying scarves, Fez and on the side of the road are the cheapest places,though I would avoid buying them at all since they are not very good quality. They can be bought as cheap as for 15 dirham for a small scarf,but some stores near tourist centres,hotels or where your guide(s) will take you will be selling the same scarves for 100+ dirhams!

It is unfortunate this information isn't in guide books or something your guide will tell you.
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Re: Avoid buying any leather items in Morocco!!

Postby gemwood » Mon Jun 03, 2013 6:08 pm

Leather is typically tanned with urine. It's fake leather or mass produced leather that won't have that smell. I admit, it shouldn't smell terribly strongly of urine, however, they may be hand made and it's part of the process so it maybe can't be helped. So in this case..... you got what you bought, which was the original and purest way of tanning leather.
In addition, you cannot wash leather. You can apply a treatment or soap/cream to the shiny side of the leather to soften it, or make it shinier, but otherwise you've pretty much wrecked it yourself by washing it in water (or the washing machine) with hand soap etc.
It's not in the travel books because it's not considered a scam. Its the process in which the items are made.

Hope this had made things clearer and has helped.

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