Zambia and Zimbabwe visas for canadians

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Zambia and Zimbabwe visas for canadians

Postby idkname » Tue Mar 19, 2013 8:59 pm


I'm looking for reassurance mostly :) I'm this close to booking the southern africa encompassed tour (DAJJ) but am looking at clearing up the visa situation before I do it. Both Zambia and Zimbabwe seem to have it out for canadians :( what with higher visa fees and not allowing multiple entries and whatever.

The gap website says that both will still allow visa on arrival contingent on the payment of these fees, while both embassies and the few visa agencies I've looked at seem to indicate that it needs to be done before departure while having to present all kinda of Russia-esque documents.

So shouting out to fellow canadians on this or similar tours...were you really able to do the visa on arrival in either of these countries. Was it just a straight up ''pay and go'' altercation or did you still have to present the schlew of documents? Does being in a tour help? did the fees change depending on the border agent's ''mood'' ? Should I just pay the exorbitant agency fees and have it done before leaving and not have to worry about it?

Yeah yeah ive read already, but it's oh-so unclear. Would greatly appreciate any past experiences :D
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Re: Zambia and Zimbabwe visas for canadians

Postby nikimarcotte » Thu Mar 21, 2013 8:12 pm

i got mine at the border crossing into zamibia..i remember our guide asking who was planning on going to zimbabwe, so think that maybe those people bought a muli-entry visa for zambia, either that or they were just told that they would have to pay for another visa upon reentry into zambia...i didn't go into zimbabwe because would have had to pay for another visa there...but the few people on our tour just got them at the border for that as well, and one was canadian.
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Re: Zambia and Zimbabwe visas for canadians

Postby georginal » Sun Mar 24, 2013 3:43 pm

Loads of Canadians on this tour, and ones like it, I don't remember any of them having a problem getting visas, and it definately helps being in a tour with a tour guide that does the route tour in tour out, so knows the lingo and thats one of the reasons why you pay for a tour that crosses borders that might otherwise be difficult. Sure people go through that aren't a tour but there can be a helluva lot of mucking about. its just a bit vague on travel documents sometimes because customs officials and laws can change things just like that and the tour operators might not necessarily know about it.

So do go on the tour, don't worry about being Canadian and have a great time with it, and no, don't pay the exorbitant fees to get them before you go !
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