Kilimanjaro (Marangu Route) Packing list

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Kilimanjaro (Marangu Route) Packing list

Postby danib » Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:55 pm

Hi all!
I'm heading to Africa in a few weeks and am currently getting together my packing list, but after searching the net for hours on end I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed and conflicted as to what the absolute necessities are for the trip I'm taking.

This question is for anyone who has climbed Kilimanjaro. (in particular, the Marangu Route) I'm tossing up as to whether or not I should be purchasing a Down Jacket for the Summit night, or will my thermals and layered fleeces be enough? What would you say are the basics I should be taking on the mountain?
Any responses and advice is greatly appreciated! :)
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Re: Kilimanjaro (Marangu Route) Packing list

Postby coqui14 » Wed Nov 21, 2012 11:16 am

I did not use my down-jacket when I did Kilimanjaro. I used layers and i was perfectly fine. I had on top three layers and I was warm enough. I had a good sleeping bag because it gets cold and windy at night and it was nice to feel warm inside a good down bag. I was wearing double gloves (small running gloves + a regular pair). I will recommend buying a good pair of gloves. If you decide to buy a good mountaineering down jacket, I recommend checking First Ascent (great quality and cheaper than other brands).
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Re: Kilimanjaro (Marangu Route) Packing list

Postby catraveller » Wed Nov 21, 2012 6:16 pm

I rented a down jacket when I did Kili (Rongai route). I started out with just multiple layers with a soft shell during summit night. I got cold part way through the summit and added the down jacket over top, which I wore for the duration of the summit. I didn't take it off until after descending Jamaica Rocks after the summit at Uhuru and the hike back. Everyone on my trip (10 people) had some form of down jacket that they used on summit night - either rented or brought their own.

I would echo the comment about the sleeping bag and gloves. I used a pair of liners and a good set of winter ski gloves.

In terms of other necessities, a Camelbak and trekking poles make life easier. Remember to bring your headlamp, hat, and buff/scarf to keep warm on summit night. Extra snacks like energy bars are a good idea, but not critical. I like to use liquified chalk and a clean pair of sock liners every day to avoid blisters. Bringing an extra water bottle or two is also a good idea - if you have a metal one, it can double as a hot water bottle at night. Waterproofs are useful in case of inclement weather.
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Re: Kilimanjaro (Marangu Route) Packing list

Postby jasonatl » Mon Dec 17, 2012 11:39 pm

I only used my down jacket on summit night but was glad to have it because it does get rather cold. The rest of the time I used it as a pillow. Bring a pillow case with you and you can make it do double duty too instead of being dead weight most of the trip.
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Re: Kilimanjaro (Marangu Route) Packing list

Postby kathrinjames » Wed Feb 27, 2013 5:24 am

Nice surprise about this shorter form. Can you tell us what it is you are talking/writing about?
Has any info. about this shorter form been posted before (and i just missed it)?
:x :lol:
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