Morocco Vs. Egypt/Jordan

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Morocco Vs. Egypt/Jordan

Postby Pennyapple » Sun Mar 18, 2012 10:22 pm

Hi, Its about that time where I take another trip, and my partner and I are stuck on a couple of places-- we have about 3 weeks and want to leave early April (yes, this year). I wanted to check out New Zealand (short time, I know), but he's keen on Morocco/Portugal.

My question is, I've spent some time in Dubai, and have gone on the Egypt and Jordan Adventure, and when I look at the Itinerary for the Highlights of Morocco, which is the itinerary he has his eye on, It seems to have similar experiences (ie, night in the Wadi Rum vs. Sahara desert, Camel trek, souks, etc). Can anyone who has gone to both the the Middle East, and Morocco, tell me how you felt those two regions compared to each other?

Thank you!!
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Re: Morocco Vs. Egypt/Jordan

Postby georginal » Mon Mar 19, 2012 6:04 pm

I have done both Egypt and Morocco/Portugal, and other areas of the Middle East, but not Jordan, and not with G.

I understand what you mean about a similar experience with Souks, Donkeys, Camels etc. However the big difference at the moment would be the safety. Whilst I didn't have any issues in either country there seems to be more unrest in Egypt and the Middle East rather than Morocco at the moment, and Portugal will be the most stable place out of all of them!

Egypt has the Nile, which is worth a trip in its own right. From memory I think Egypt has the longer travelling distances especially if you want to go down to Abu Simbel which is more than worth it in my opinion.

Morocco is easier for Independent Travellers to move around more freely. I haven't looked at the detailed itinerary for either trips mentioned but Morocco has the Atlas Mountains, which have snow on them in the winter which Egypt doesn't have. Going from/to Europe to Africa in one trip is definately an interesting experience as well!

Weather wise it will be getting HOT! Temperatures in the desert areas around the Middle East can be intense at that time of year, while Morocco and Portugal are closer to the Ocean and can benefit from Ocean breezes which usually make it a bit more bearable.

Hope that helps!
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Re: Morocco Vs. Egypt/Jordan

Postby casey_mai » Sat Mar 24, 2012 6:57 am

Hey, Ive been to both E&J (with GAP), dubai, syria and Morocco. I definitely think there were enough differences in a trip to Morocco to substantiate a holiday there! Morocco is a great country - really diverse. The markets are more amazing than most found in E&J, and definitely better than Dubai! Especially in Fez - an incredible city pretty much made up a sprawling labyrinth of souks and bazaars - fascinating to walk through! As for the Sahara desert - is great to go to - it is a lot more special than the desert you see in Egypt, with bright red sand and rolling sand dunes as far as you can see. As for the camping, it is a similar overall experience - but its still heaps of fun! They'll bring out the sand boards for you to go dune surfing, a great berber meal will be served and you will sing/play drums with the Berbers until late around the camp fire, eventually watching the midnight moon rise over the dunes. Bit of a reverse sunrise! It is also less of an Arab country, and more of a Berber country. The food in Morocco is also completely different. Also the design and architecture in Morocco is stunning - with the beautiful riads and islamic art decorating almost every hotel and restaurant you visit. Whereas i dont remember this so much in E&J. Every other place you visit in Morocco, like ait bennhadout (sp?), casablanca, meknes, midelt, marrakech, todra gorge; are all completely different to anything you would have seen in E&J. The only this that would be similar is Volibulis and Jerash - but really, the only thing they have in common are the fact that they are roman ruins. I've been to a dozen roman ruins around the world now and i still loved visiting Volibulis.
Don't cross Morocco off as too similar to E&J, it definitely can hold its own - it has a lot to offer! And, if you get a chance to visit Chefchauen, you'll love it!
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