Why is AFrica so $$$$

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Why is AFrica so $$$$

Postby worldtraveller » Mon Dec 05, 2011 4:04 pm

Just a question to all who have travel in Africa with G adventure.

Such as the safari trips etc. and Treks

Why are they so $$$$ even for the budget. As if you research most of the countries are poor and the costs there are very low. But yet the tours themselves are very high?

is this because G adventures pays the guides good? fuel costs high? food etc?

please someone can you verify this to me? thanks
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Re: Why is AFrica so $$$$

Postby IncaTrail50 » Mon Dec 05, 2011 7:10 pm

I went on the Kenya and Tanzania Wildlife Adventure this past July and I can comment on part of this. One thing, the entrance fees are different for citizens or non-citizens. At the Serengeti our entrance fee was 50USD whereas locals paid 1500TSH (or 1USD), and the camping fee was 30USD for us but only 1000TSH (or $0.66). I believe at least one of the hotels also had different fees for citizens or non-citizens.
It was well worth it though in my opinion! It was an unbelievable trip!
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Re: Why is AFrica so $$$$

Postby tletter » Mon Dec 05, 2011 8:36 pm

worldtraveller wrote:Why are they so $$$$ even for the budget. As if you research most of the countries are poor and the costs there are very low. But yet the tours themselves are very high?

IMHO there are several reasons for this tied to most tourist's preference for creature comforts that are not available to the average local resident. Compare the transportation available to locals to what you will be travelling in, e.g. in Rwanda we passed thousands of people walking along the roads because either there was no motorized transportation for them or else they could not afford whatever was available. As another example, when we went shopping for our group's food, it was in grocery stores not frequented by the average local due to the prices but that offered food desired by most tourists.

Another reason is that the tour companies need to make a profit which of course you could avoid by independent travel at the hidden cost to you in terms of the additional time and effort you'd be required to spend to get around.

Finally but probably most importantly, the countries in East Africa use tourism revenue to conserve the wildlife and parks that tourists come to see. If these governments and the locals did not benefit in an economically fair way, then there would be little incentive to maintain these resources for your enjoyment.

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Re: Why is AFrica so $$$$

Postby Zuleika » Tue Dec 06, 2011 2:03 pm

I think with respect to the safari trips you have to factor in that most of the cost is up front which is why it seems expensive. It is all inclusive of accommodation, all meals, park fees which soon add up if you are visiting a different park every day, camping fees, fuel can be costly, the drives are quite often extremely long, and the staff costs, driver/cook/guide.
But once you have initially forked out you can really get by on the trip by spending very little, you only really need to buy water in fact. So you can do this bit cheaply. ( in reality we bought alcohol and snacks and then there are the optional side trips - but you don't have to buy or do any of these)

If your doing things like the gorillas at Bwindi, Uganda then the park fee is exorbitant - around $500US
If its Kili your climbing then these park fees are around $600 US per person
Safari Park fees are around $60 US per day per person and then you have a to pay a fee on top of this for your vehicle to enter also I believe.
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