Best of Egypt (DPBE)- Overall thoughts, impressions

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Best of Egypt (DPBE)- Overall thoughts, impressions

Postby patosf » Sun Sep 25, 2011 4:57 pm

I am a solo traveler and am considering this trip for this Nov. 2011. Curious what others thought of this trip. Saw some feedback that the tour guide was good but encouraged folks to eat at the more expensive restaurants, etc. Not really an issue..more important to me to be directed to restaurants that won't cause tummy aches. But overall, just wondering about this tour and if it meets the typical Gap standards and any honest feedback about the guide. I went on the Japan tour in Nov. 09 and had a FABULOUS time. The tour guide was great. Also wondering about the safety in general with travelling throughout Egypt. It's a very important decision for me to choose this trip or something in Vietnam/Thailand. Thanks!
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Re: Best of Egypt (DPBE)- Overall thoughts, impressions

Postby btomlin » Mon Sep 26, 2011 12:53 pm

Hello! I did this trip in June 2009 and really enjoyed it. I found the guide to be good (Khaled - I think), the first day he did take us to a more expensive restaurant. The group explained that in the future if we could eat somewhere with more options to cater to everyone's budget, and I felt that for the rest of the trip he did an excellent job of that. I never got sick from any of the food. As far as I know, one person on our trip did get a bit of an upset stomach for a day or so near the beginning of the trip.
I havent travelled on any other GAP trips, but I felt that it was a great trip and would definetly would recommend it.
Safety - of course things have changed a bit since I went. But I am a single female and felt very safe. I dressed conservatively and never felt unsafe or threatened. The vendors are aggresive trying to get your $$, but that can't really be avoided I dont think.
I felt the length of the tour was great, I added on a few days in Dahab at the end, but even without that, I felt that I had seen so much of the country.
Enjoy whichever trip you choose!
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