Hello from Atlantic Canada!

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Hello from Atlantic Canada!

Postby MickeyMacks » Sat Apr 14, 2007 8:20 am

Glad to see GAP has a forum like this - I find online forums are the best for planning trips. It helps so much to read the experiences and recommendations of others and its fun to hear from people of various ages all over the world.

I'm mom to an adventurous son turning 10 this summer. I've already fostered a love of adventure in him and he's been game for outdoor adventures since he was six, be it kayaking, trail riding, hiking, skiing, camping, snorkeling, riding in a helicopter... he can't wait 'til he's old enough to go bike trekking, rappeling and scuba diving!

I'm lucky enough to live near one of the best outdoor adventure places in Canada, the Bay of Fundy coast, which is being considered for designation as a UNESCO Biosphere site. It has amazing scenery, great trails, deep river valleys, rugged coastline and wide beaches where you can do all of the things I've listed above in less than two hours's drive from where I live! I can visit three national parks (all coastal) and see whales within less than three hours drive.

Eco-tourism is just starting to take off here so I imagine experienced adventurers would find accommodations and adventures ridiculously affordable here. (And no, I don't work in tourism!)

I love all the exotic locations GAP covers - Asia, Africa and South America sound fantastic! - but I'll likely start with something in North America... Newfoundland's western peninsula, British Columbia's coast or American canyon country, or even into Central America for Costa Rica or Guatemala (my son and I have sponsored a child in Guatemala for years).

I love planning vacations for my friends and family as well as myself and all the research and interaction with fellow travellers that goes with it, so I'm looking forward to lurking/posting on this forum so I can dig into planning our next great adventure. The folks on this forum sound like my kind of people!
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