Very amped for first trip!

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Very amped for first trip!

Postby buzzerfly » Wed May 29, 2013 9:03 am


My name is Buzz. Although I have travelled the world, I have only been to Africa a few times, and both trips were for work. I am now a few weeks away from visiting Kenya and Tanzania (DKTW) and am beyond excited! I have only seen two of us in the "Departure Lounge" but hope there will be more travelers than that. Does anybody have any tips specific to traveling with G-Adventures for their first time?

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Re: Very amped for first trip!

Postby IncaTrail50 » Thu May 30, 2013 4:31 am

First, I love your quote! Second, I did the DKTW trip in 2011 and it was fabulous! My only tip is...enjoy. G does a wonderful job of looking after you. Are you going to have time to tour a bit in Nairobi? If so make sure you get to the Elephant Orphanage. They do amazing work, rescuing orphaned baby elephants from around Kenya. Also the Giraffe place.
You get to help the cook prepare meals on this trip if you like. My daughter helped out a few times and got some great recipes. You don't have to but she had fun. The food was amazing! Samburu was our favourite park. We went in mid July and it was really dry, the trees had no leaves so all was very grey. We saw a big old termite mound at the entrance that was bright red among the grey and we oohed and aahed over it because it looked just like it did on TV but when we trailed off our guide said "Yes, but do you see the elephant beside it?" WHHAAAAT? :lol: No we did not! Without the guides we wouldn't have seen much wildlife. :roll: Good times, good times!
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